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Purple drank, also called lean, is a very popular illegal drug drink, usually prepared by mixing pharmaceutical-grade cough syrups with a hard candy and soda. The concoction originates from Houston, Texas, and has become extremely popular among the hip hop or urban culture or those who live in the south. “Purple drank” is also commonly called purple soda, purple coke, or purple power. For this reason, it is often referred to as crank, not to mention that it can cause serious health risks if abused or overused. Although there are many laws in place against the sale of controlled substances, the sale of “soft drinks” is still permitted. This means that anyone can easily obtain legal lean on the black market.

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Although some people may find it ironic that drugs that are illegal are sold in a very socially acceptable form, this type of beverage is actually quite common. Many people prefer pop, especially during hot days, which makes it perfectly acceptable to consume without any worry about getting addicted. Unfortunately, this can also make the problem of over consumption much worse. This is because while pop can curb hunger and keep people full, it also contains an array of chemicals and other toxins, which make their consumption habit much more tempting.

In addition to containing too much sugar, the high amounts of caffeine can also lead to high blood pressure levels and even heart attacks. However, there is good news. Lean is legally purchased and sold in many places across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In fact, it is legal in Canada and the United Kingdom in most bars but sold in other places such as convenience stores and supermarkets.

While it is legal in most bars, it is also legal to buy in grocery stores and convenience stores. It is also popular on the Internet, where many users report that it is difficult to get in. If you try to order it off of an Internet site, however, you will likely be offered either a partial menu or a free trial, which allows you to try it out before buying. The free trials usually last around 24 hours and provide you with enough of a sample to give you a good idea if it is worth buying.

As with anything else on the market, if you want to buy purple drank in any location, you need to be careful. Most establishments selling it will tell you to mix with other drinks and to drink responsibly. If they are unsure of these guidelines, it would probably be best to go somewhere else. Some people have also been known to be extremely adventurous when it comes to mixing it with other things, which can prove dangerous.

Another good thing to know about this drink is that in most cases, it is completely legal. The distributors of it have no legal responsibilities towards consumers, since the product was not created for commercial use. It is often sold in college campuses and at sporting events as a souvenir, but it is completely legal to have and consume. In fact, even people who have been arrested for drinking while intoxicated are sometimes known to have continued to drink purple drank, since they believe that it is against their rights to do so.

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